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Paperless Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

Eliminate Paper Inspections

This product helps fire protection services companies who want to record fire extinguisher inspections digitally and produce professional looking reports for their customers as well as colleges, hospitals, and government organizations who perform their own internal inspections.

Improve efficiency, accuracy and more robust record keeping by collecting and maintaining fire extinguisher inspections digitally.

Scan barcodes

Download the Fire Extinguisher Inspection App from the Android market place ($14.99) to scan barcodes from you smartphone, and automatically retrieve details about that specific fire extinguisher.

Fast and accurate data entry

Fast and accurate data entry using drop down menus and checkboxes from the Android app.

Eliminate oversights

After you have recorded facility information once, the smartphone keeps track of what has been inspected and what has not, ensuring that no entries are missed

Permanent Digital Records

At the conclusion of an inspection, you have a permanent digitial record of that inspection. Inspection reports can be printed in PDF format, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS Word and other formats. You can even drill down and look up the entire inspection and service history of a single fire extinguisher.

Is this application for me?

Does your organization have multiple fire service protection professionals performing fire extinguisher inspections and service? Do you feel that you need to provide digital monthly and annual reports to your customers to stay competitive? Do you want to by-pass expensive solutions that are based on decades old barcode scanning technology and desktop PC applications? Will you have access to an Android device to start your testing? If this fits your organization you can get started now with a 30 day free trial. If the above are not true for your organization at this time to check back with us when you are ready.

Eliminate Paper Inspections

Most inspections are conducted using paper forms. The data may be transcribed into an electronic spreadsheet for reporting - a laborious and error-prone process. Worse, the data remains in a paper format, where it is difficult to track what service is due next and time is spent making copies, archiving and invoicing by hand. For companies in the fire protection services business, hand-written paper forms do not look professional, particularly for your larger customers who generate all of their internal reports digitally.

The Fire Extinguisher Inspection application eliminates those issues. We simplify and expedite the capture of fire extinguisher inspection data. It allows fire and life safety service protection personnel to complete monthly fire extinguisher inspections in a fraction of the time, while improving the consistency and accuracy of the collected data

Android Smartphone and Fire Extinguisher App Required (To get the smartphone app, Scan QR Code Image below)

Extinguisher Inspection App
QR Code

Competitive Advantage

You get a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
Immediately after completing an inspection, the data is uploaded to our secure web portal where inspection reports can be instantly generated.

Office pers streamline monthly fire extinguisher inspections, the Fire Extinguisher Inspection application enables users to perform fast, mobile inspections of the fire extinguishers at their site using just an Android smartphone.

Facility and Safety personnel can collect inspection data anywhere and automatically compile inspection reports that address regulatory requirements.

Improve Recordkeeping

Report details of all services. Automatic tally of work performed. History of any extinguisher by serial number. Automatically track and report fire extinguisher inspections. Central repository for all inspection records. Instant web-based access to history records.

This application is provided as a hosted, web-delivered offering that provides your organization with a robust mobile application at an affordable low cost of entry.

Is this application right for my organization?

The Fire Extinguisher Application is used by state governments, universities and fire protection service companies throughout North America, state governments, and universities.

Automatically generate professional looking reports for your clients Improve the efficiency of your business by modernizing your inspection data management processes.

Improve the perception of your business in the eyes of your customers. Android Smartphone and Fire Extinguisher App Required. The Fire Extingusher Inspection app is available for download from Google Play

Easy to use. Start a trial below.

Scan Barcodes

Attach barcodes and use your smartphone to scan fire extinguishers and recall all of the unit's details.

Replace Paper Handling

Store all data electronically.View information online or print reports. Generate reports in PDF, MS Excelor MS Word

Easy to Get up and Running

Test it in one hour, setup your organization in one day. Install the Fire Extinguisher Inspection App on your Android smartphone. Trial the system right away.

Start Managing Your Fire Extinguisher Inspections More efficiently today

What to expect:

1. Signup for a trial here. Setting a password is next.

Your account will have a couple of examples to get you started.

2. Check your email and confirm your sign-up.

You will get access to the documentation. The Fire Extinguisher Inspection Android app is available in Google Play.

30 Day Trial

Try it for 30 days. Easy to get started.

Scan barcodes from your Android

  • Scan barcodes to retrieve extinguisher details
  • Rapid data collection via phone's touchscreen
  • Capture signatures in the app
  • Wirelessly upload inspection results

Generate reports from the web

  • Store all inspection data electronically
  • Securely accessible from the web
  • View information online or print reports
  • Generate reports in PDF, MS Excelor MS Word